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What We Offer

A mutually beneficial relationship with our farmers.

We buy back from their doorstep, give 100% input and make them comfortable with a sense of security.
Our farmers like to work with us, acknowledging that we have their best interest at heart and work towards mutual benefit.


  • Field preparation
  • Soil Analysis
  • Sowing
  • Managing the Crop with technical knowhow
  • Fertilizer applications
  • Pesticides and nutrients usage as per regulations
  • Harvesting
  • Purchasing
  • Transportation


  • Short Crops
  • We always pay on time
  • Fixed Price
  • Complete buy back arrangement

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Corporate Social Responsibility

The world is becoming more aware and conscious of environmental and social issues. This is now a priority for a majority of consumers, compelling businesses to think outside the bubble.

Consumers today are not just concerned with value for money and quality but also want to be a part of a system that patronizes a cause and makes a positive difference to the world around.

We at Neo Foods go through CSR audits every year and ensure we follow ethical policies. We don’t support or practice child labour and always pay our employee wages on time as per the minimum wages fixed by the Government.

As a larger part of our CSR initiatives, we take up cleanliness drives of villages located near our factories and educate people on the importance of hygiene and sanitation. We donate computers to schools in villages and are also in the process of building toilets for Government schools. A part of our efforts have included building temples in villages thereby creating more employment opportunities not just for our farmers but also their villages.

Our efforts in this sector have greatly benefitted all our farmers and their families and we hope that we continue to grow together and benefit each other as communities in the future.

NEO contribution to DHYAN foundation & Nutrition Chain for the Girl Child