Quality Systems are laid down as per International food safety standards. We are certified for BRC Issue 6 and IFS 6 by SGS. Plant is Kosher Certified by Orthodox Union- OU. We are a GSV and WCA certified plant.

We have been certified by several major retailers of the world for their private label production. Plant is approved by TESCO & ASDA for their private label production.

We have been audited by several third party agencies on behalf of many retailers across the world and have been rated as the best company under WCA requirements. Plant is equipped with chemical and microbiology lab. Shelf life study is conducted on all the lots produced at the plant for the stability of the product. Traceability system is in place from farm to fork.

Here is a swift look at our quality certifications:











With a modern plant and factory sprawling over a built up area of more than (120,000Sq m) feet and more to be constructed soon, it is our constant endeavor to keep our infrastructure at par with global standards. Our factory has been designed to comply with the international Food Industry Standards and is located in one of the foremost industrial areas of South India- 75 km from Bangalore city.

We are equipped with 100% back up for power and water and have 3 packing lines to produce multiple products at the same time. Pasteurizers are PLC controlled and made in Germany. Recipe control and infallible password control system are in place . The key equipments are sourced from leading manufacturers in Germany and USA to ensure better effciency and to ensure consistent product quality at optimum cost. Several cutting machines are operational to provide customers the required products in different cuts.

The external area of the facility is completely cemented in order to ensure a dust free environment. The entire facility is secured with fire alarm system and covered under CCTV surveillance.

We are equipped with two labeling/packing lines with shrink-wrapping facility as well.


Neo Foods does contract farming of vegetables spread over South India in the 3 states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. With the factory located within a 20-300 km radius of the farming area, our produce undergoes a short and efficient lead time between harvest to processing. The produce is cultivated under cluster sowing method and package of practice for usage of pesticides and fertilizers meets USFDA and European Union ( EU) regulations/norms. Annually 6000-7000 acres of crop is cultivated under contract farming in these 3 states.

As a natural extension of our ethical practice, we are gradually adapting drip irrigation systems which we provide to our 12000-15000 farmers annually who we work with. Multi crop growing approach ensures our farmers are engaged and dedicated to Neo and earn throughout the year.

Our farmer training and interaction programmes are held every quarter enabling farmers to share their experiences and grievances and learn the new practices to be followed. We continuously educate our farmers on new technologies, fertilizers applications and growing methods with the help of experts from various institutions and agriculture universities. The Package of practice is being followed by us as per USFDA/EU regulations. Traceability system is in place from each farm to each jar produced.

Below is the method followed to control the pest activity.

  • Fruit Fly Management: We follow fruit fly management at the farm level for every crop grown and in order to ensure farmer benefit, we subsidize imported protein bait.
  • Border crop: Sow thickly four rows of maize (Preferable African tall) around the gherkin plot, one week prior to the gherkin sowing.
  • Pheromone traps: Install 8 cue lure blocks per acre to attract the male fruit flies. It is for monitoring purpose and in high number gives management by mating disruption
  • Protein bait: Weekly spray of protein bait – Prima Protein bait @ 400 ml in 3.6 litrs of water and Malathion 12 ml per 3.6 litrs of water.
  • Cover sprays: Spray Malathion @ 3 ml/l + Jaggery 10% weekly on gherkin crop
  • (Malathion: EU MRL 0.2 mg/kg and US MRL 8 ppm)


Neo Foods is promoted and supported by the Jalan Group of Companies and has seen an average growth of more than 20% per year. The Jalan Group is driven by ethics and vision and is specialized in managing Joint Ventures with lnternational companies in various fields like printing ink, Textile machineries, Software Services, Food etc.


$150 Million Group

Neo Foods Pvt. Ltd. – Pickled Vegetables

Sublime Agro – Tea Plantations

Rieter India Pvt. Ltd. – Textile Machineries

Rice Lake Weighing Systems – Engineering


The Jalan Group is continuously looking to expand and diversify in the food business and has initiated an expansion plan for the current business and also is in discussions with Global Food companies to set up Joint Ventures in allied Food business. Our strength is Operations and managing the business effectively which in turn ensures consistent growth every year.