About us

Neo Foods is promoted and supported by the Jalan Group of Companies and has seen an average growth of more than 20% per year. The Jalan Group is driven by ethics and vision and is specialized in managing Joint Ventures with lnternational companies in various fields like printing ink, Textile machineries, Software Services, Food etc.

$150 Million Group

Neo Foods Pvt. Ltd. – Pickled Vegetables 

Sublime Agro – Tea Plantations 

Rieter India Pvt. Ltd. – Textile Machineries 

Rice Lake Weighing Systems – Engineering

Neo Cardio Diagnostics - Pharma Startup

The Jalan Group is continuously looking to expand and diversify in the food business and has initiated an expansion plan for the current business and also is in discussions with Global Food companies to set up Joint Ventures in allied Food business. Our strength is Operations and managing the business effectively which in turn ensures consistent growth every year.

The Team

We at Neo Foods are a team of handpicked entrepreneurs and professionals who work cohesively as a team, never compromising on ethics, vision and the urge to deliver nothing but the best.

Mr. Adarsh Jalan 
Managing Director

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal 
General Manager - Finance & Accounts 

Mr. S.M.Prakash

Mr. S.Hebbar  
General Manager - Agriculture

Mrs. Shalini Jalan

Board of Directors

Our Board led by the chairman of the group Mr.Sudhir Jalan of Jalan Group, consists of professionals from the Food industry as well as ex-bureaucrat and entrepreneurs.

Mr. Sudhir Jalan 
Group Chairman and reputed industrialist 

Mr. G. Jagadish

Mr. Adarsh Jalan
Managing Director

Mrs. Shalini Jalan 
Entrepreneur with experience in Indian Food sector 

Mr. K. Jairaj
Ex Bureaucrat, retired as Addl. Chief Secretary to Govt. of Karnataka

Mr. Radhakrishnan
Decades of experience in Food, Agri and retail sectors

It goes without saying that a larger part of the Neo family includes all our dedicated employees and farmers who are instrumental in bringing our products to our valued customers. 

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be a preferred supplier of preserved vegetables and fruits to leading retail chains, distributors and food service/HORECA companies across the globe. 

Our primary USP is highest quality. While the plant has been approved by TESCO for own private label production and is certified for BRC issue 7 and IFS 6 Global standards by SGS, Neo meets more than just a few quality standards.
To read more about the quality, click here.

We view ourselves as partners with our customers, our employees, our community, our farmers and our environment.
We aim to become a globally recognized company with sustainable growth every year which follows
highly ethical practices and is socially responsible. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

The world is becoming more aware and conscious of environmental and social issues. This is now a priority for a majority of consumers, compelling businesses to think outside the bubble.

Consumers today are not just concerned with value for money and quality but also want to be a part of a system that patronizes a cause and makes a positive difference to the world around.

We at Neo Foods go through CSR audits every year and ensure we follow ethical policies. We don’t support or practice child labour and always pay our employee wages on time as per the minimum wages fixed by the Government.

As a larger part of our CSR initiatives, we take up cleanliness drives of villages located near our factories and educate people on the importance of hygiene and sanitation. We donate computers to schools in villages and are also in the process of building toilets for Government schools. A part of our efforts have included building temples in villages thereby creating more employment opportunities not just for our farmers but also their villages.

Our efforts in this sector have greatly benefitted all our farmers and their families and we hope that we continue to grow together and benefit each other as communities in the future.

Neo Foods, in line with its commitment to the society has contributed to the mid-day meal program for school children through Akshaya Patra.


Sankalp an Institution involved in remedial instruction to children with disabilities like Dyslexia (Learning Disability) and Autism Spectrum Disorder was set up in 1999 at Anna Nagar, Chennai under the auspices of the “Sankalp Trust” a non profit organization with 3 Founder Trustees and Four Additional Trustees, who are professional. Sankalp is registered as a Non Profitable Charitable Trust in 2000 and enjoys the benefit of 80G under the income tax rules. The institution operates in two separate premises.

Sankalp - The open School is for children with Learning Disability / Dyslexia and Sankalp - The Learning Centre is for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sahayika is for Skill Training.

The Founder Directors Mrs. Lakshmi Krishnakumar, Mrs. Sulata Ajit, and Mrs. Subhashini Rao proactively ensure a well rounded faculty that includes Remedial Teachers, Special Educators, Occupational Therapists, vocational trainees and assisting staff. Profiles of the faculty bear a host of competencies that stem from a wide range of educational background and experience enabling the institution to cater to the varying challenges and developmental requirements of the children under our care. Towards building a cadre of highly trained teachers, Sankalp conducts teacher training programs on Learning Disability and Autism. 

Currently Sankalp caters to 240 children in both the Schools with faculty strength of 70 and 25 assisting staff providing a teacher student ratio of nearly 1:3 as against the conventional /mainstream school ratio of 1:30. 

 Sankalp has been able to send a number of children to mainstream schools by buildings their competency through the “National Institute of Open School” stream, a Government initiative. As a measure of encouraging the parents and showcase the abilities and progress of the children. Sankalp conducts events like annual day, sports day etc., and offers special therapies like Yoga, Music, Art, & Craft, Skating, K & Physical Training and also self – help skills like Cooking to make these children self reliant and independent.

AMC runs a Special School, Vocational Training Centre, Sheltered Workshop, Daycare Centre for the severely challenged. AMC is caring for 180 children, adolescents and adults with intellectual disability disorder(IDD) and supports the families of these individuals.

Its been a relentless journey of service and dedication spanning 58 years for AMC, elevating it to one of the best State and National level NGOs. 

AMC’s mission is to educate, train and rehabilitate intellectually challenged persons and empower their families. 

AMC Committee looks forward for greater associations and collaborations with corporates, institutions and individuals in taking this legacy forward.  

The happy faces that the visitors see at AMC reinforces its commitment to excellence in its work. Over the years this has earned the respect and admiration of its various stakeholders. 

AMC is happy to be recognised by NEO Foods and expresses its gratitude for the generous support extended.   

Each of these gestures inspire and strengthen AMC in its efforts to reach out to more special individuals in need of care. 

Thanking NEO Foods and team once again.


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