CSR Activities and Projects

The Neo's ethos of giving and caring strengthens its community empowerment projects around healthcare, education, infrastructure, and other national priorities. Here's an overview of how Neo is helping communities improve and transform.

Sustainable livelihoods

The Neo's sustainable livelihood projects empower communities to become self-reliant and maximise earning ability through vocational training. Two noteworthy initiatives here are Project Parinati by Ekakanya and Projects by The Association for the Mentally Challenged (AMC) i.e. Vocational Training Centre, Sheltered Workshop, Day care Centre by AMC.

An idea, born out of the need to provide effective interventions within rural communities, bringing about change to combat the challenges faced by young girls and women is the dream of Ekakanya Foundation. The projects are supported by a deep understanding of the areas and varying cultures, allowing Ekakanya to transform the lives of girls through educational empowerment and attitudinal changes. In a quest to create a platform for girls to attain education, break cultural notions and explore opportunities for girls and women, Ekakanya envisions a future marked with community participation and contribution.

The work at Ekakanya can be categorized as:

I. On ground active interventions – Ekakanya conceptualizes designs and implements the project. For example; Project Parinati.
II. Project conceptualization and strategic guidance (enabling others to create change)- Ekakanya provides conceptual and strategic guidance to organizations and industries with the aim of designing projects, defining objectives, shaping initiatives and lastly measuring results, resources and capabilities in the area of women and child development. For Example; Project Knowledge Center.

Association for The Mentally Challenged (AMC) has built a strong reputation in the space of caregiving for those affected with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) and its journey in the last 62 years is testimony to its commitment to the cause and quality services. The special children and young adults are forced to be at home without the professional care they enjoyed at AMC. They were receiving life-skill lessons, vocational training, yoga training, sports training and would indulge in practicing various art forms including dance and painting. Also they would enjoy nutritious meal, seasonal fruits and porridge every day. AMC provided counselling through WhatsApp and calls to anxious parents and their wards confined at home (b) We extended monthly support through essential supplies and rations for families since most breadwinners were out of jobs in the pandemic (c) Home delivery of training and teaching materials to families, including videos and customised lesson plans, for special school students, (D) raw materials supply to homes to maintain production of products for which AMC is famous (E) income support to select parents through making of masks at the centre. Continuing with AMC's efforts to empower the families of those affected with IDD, this year they have initiated visionary project ENRICH.

Infrastructure development, Environmental protection and Healthcare

The development of a country’s infrastructure is vital to the growth of its sectors and the overall economy. Infrastructure is considered to be the key for promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth. Neo has helped in building multi-speciality hospital, water conservation, water harvesting structures and check dams.

International Association For Human Values (IAHV) - a partner organization of the Art of Living. IAHV runs programs that cover 11 out of 17 United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals including environment protection and sustainability. IAHV through its sister organizations has a MoU with Government of Karnataka for the Rejuvenation of rivers in all the districts of Karnataka under the scheme Antharjala Chetana. Vadakatte kere is an irrigation tank presently irrigating about 15-20 acres of land. The water spread area is about 20 acres. The tank was silted and filled with weeds, it has desilted the tank and also removed the weeds. With the available funds about 8500 cum of silt has been removed.

Maa Saraswati Project by Raginiben Bipinchandra Sevakary Trust to establish “Multi-speciality Hospital cum Medical College” in Ahmedabad to provide facility for indigenous healthcare, sophisticated super speciality healthcare to all sections of all society.

Aakar Charitable Trust has been working over last many years to provide access to water to the rural hinterlands of India. They have successfully constructed over 540 check dams. Neo has helped in construction of check dams at Alwar & Dausa district in Rajasthan. The small dams retain excess water flow during monsoon rains in a small catchment area behind the structure. Pressure created in the catchment area helps force the impounded water into the ground. The major environmental benefit is the replenishment of nearby groundwater reserves and wells. The water entrapped by the dam, surface and subsurface, is primarily intended for use in irrigation during the monsoon and later during the dry season, but can also be used for livestock and domestic needs. Total Impacted People in Aakar’s project were 7, 83,192 and Total Impacted Villages were 663.

Animal Welfare

People for animals(PFA) wildlife hospital and research centre based in Bangalore is one of a kind facility involved in activity of rescuing, treating, and rehabilitating urban wild animals, with the aim of releasing them back into their natural (urban/semi-urban/wild) habitats. It has a PFA wildlife hospital and rescue centre which is fully operational 24/7 hospital with four highly trained veterinarians and rescuers who work round the clock for Bangalore’s urban wildlife. PFA has also managed to conduct 600+ Environment Awareness Programs across Bangalore City. Project 24X7/365 Wildlife Rescue was funded by Neo to help them with the upkeep of their rescue operations.

Sarvoham Welfare Trust is a non-government, non-profit, non-political organization that solely works to provide the dogs the benefit of living a healthy and safe life. Formed with a wider concept of the holistic and realistic development approach, in the year 2021, they sheltered homes for more than 150 dogs and strives to expand its oasis. The Sole motto is to ‘Rescue, Shelter, Protect, Re-home’ dogs and give them another chance to live their lives happily. They also wish to provide care, comfort, and shelter to the homeless, abandoned, malnourished, lost, and physically challenged dogs. The commitment, care and attention they afford to animals are not differentiated by a degree or by kind.

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